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The Senses of Summer

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Ah, Summer.

A magical few months of open windows and dazzling sunshine; of Sunday picnics and family bike rides; where kids beg for swimming pools and adults crave a midday spritz.

‘Tis the season of easier mornings, of not having to beg our bodies to crawl out of bed – when a stretch and a glimpse of sunlight is enough to start the day, and a cool nightly breeze is enough to end it.

‘Tis also the season of dazing humidity, aching sunburn and hot-day irritability. And nevertheless, we embrace and appreciate.

the sun time lapse

Did you know that the sun travels at 220km per second? Per second! It takes the sun about 250 million years to complete one orbit of the centre of the Milky Way. This universe is marvellous. Speaking of marvellous, there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on earth!

What can we see?

Sunshine, oozing through the curtains in the morning.

An abundance of moths and butterflies.

Joggers, coming out of hibernation and seasonal laziness.

jogging in the summer

Electricity bills skyrocketing! Here are 24 ways to keep cool on hot summer nights (without AC).

What can we hear?

Crickets roaming the garden at night, ever so close to the window. Is that coming from inside?

Kind strangers, store clerks and loved ones, saying, ‘stay cool’.

Kids playing outside. Speaking of which… keep hydrated!

Funky summer tunes, like this one.

What can we smell?

summer scents
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Freshly cut grass.

Blooming Magnolias.

Salty ocean air and beach-side barbecues.

Perspiration of the people.

summer barbecue

What can we taste?

Iced water with a squeeze of lemon. Maybe some cucumber if you’re feeling wild.

Alcoholic popsicles.

Pool water, accidentally.

Pool summer drink cocktail

What can we feel?

Late night breezes.

Sunshine on the back of our legs and necks.

Sweet drops of sweat on the skin.

Cool, fresh bed sheets.

Cold kitchen tiles – the new cost-effective cooling system.


Summer by the pool

Things to remember:

Drink water. Health authorities recommend 2 litres a day. Here’s an app that’ll remind you.

Sunscreen ­is the real hero here. Don’t forget it.

This trick for social anxiety, for those summer parties people always talk about.

Happy Summer!

Tell us your favourite things about summer!

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