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The Spirit of Spring

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Ah, Spring. It’s the season of sunshine, of opportunities and new beginnings. Where trees of green (and red roses too) decorate our gardens and footpaths, and the commute to work seems a little more spirited than it did under winter’s gloomy skies. The earth seems to come to life again. And we tend to follow suit. The air is warmer, the day is longer and the streets are suddenly full of all those coming out of hibernation (we see you behind those sunnies).

So what better time to step out and enjoy this refreshing spring zest? We’ve shared with you our favourite ways to make the most of this season, and we’d love for you to share yours in the comment section below!


We love a good shopping centre as much as the next shopaholic, but nothing beats a classic springtime strip shop! It’s the perfect chance to freshen up your wardrobe, catch up with a friend and soak up the sunlight all at once.

At JJ Sisters, we love experimenting with new colours (you may have noticed), so why not add some fresh hues to your wardrobe? Celebrate the new season with a little style shifting! Got some quirky earrings you’ve forgotten about, or a summer scarf that needs some sun? The time is now!


“Springtime is the land awakening” -Lewis Grizzard

Spring: when the land awakens and the birds begin to wake us up (sometimes very early). Fresh buds are blooming and it’s the perfect chance to get those gloves on and those hands dirty. Add some plants to the backyard you may have neglected (guilty), or even get the kids involved – make it a teamwork task. What better way to bond than giving some life to your home? (At least that’s how we do it!)


Open the doors and let fair daylight in. Spring cleaning can be as simple as opening your windows, turning the mattress over or re-jigging the wardrobe. After those crispy winter months, the mood in your home may need a change.

At JJ Sisters, we have re-decorated the office with the new Spring Summer range, and walking into work now feels like a colourful, inspired fresh start.


Shopping and coffee – was there ever really a better duo? Below we have shared with you some of our stunning stockists who have embraced this pair (and more) perfectly.

Warran Glen Garden Centre & Cafe – Warrandyte, VIC

Among 5 acres of botanical surroundings, Warran Glen Garden Centre & Café presents an ideal sanctuary where you can relax, enjoy a beautiful meal and explore the naturistic surrounds of Warrandyte. It’s the perfect spot for some down time, or even coffee with a good friend.

Van Loons Nursery – Wallington, VIC

Situated on the busy and picturesque Bellarine Peninsula, Van Loons presents an atmosphere of flowering plants and lush greenery. Stop by the gift and homewares centre and take something home with you – sip a coffee and spruce up the living room on the same day!

Wen & Ware Living – Ballarat, VIC

A cove for caffeine, a slice of Asia and Europe, and a sanctuary for the senses, Wen & Ware has something for everyone. From fashion to gifts and homewares, it’s an ideal spot for coffee and some new décor inspiration.

Saskia Home & Gifts – Bundaberg East, QLD

Not only is the coffee and food raved about, but the atmosphere here is completely relaxed. Roam around to discover many lovely little things you won’t be able to resist!


“Spring is the time for plans and projects” -Leo Tolstoy

Spring is the season of new opportunity. Got a project you’ve been waiting to start, or one you’re yet to finish? How about those bangs you’ve always wanted to try? Or that dress in the back of your wardrobe you’ve been saving for a sunny day?

Spring opportunities can mean anything from a new hairdo, to packing some lunch, a book and a blanket and fulfilling that solo picnic fantasy you’ve always wondered about.

With a little bit of sunshine and lot of blooming nature, our souls are a little more inspired in spring. So step out under these stunning skies of blue (and clouds of white) and make the most of this season.

Let us know how you celebrate spring in the comments below!


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