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Wake Up | The JJ Sisters Way

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Here at JJ sisters, we believe in a wholesome, nourishing lifestyle. We believe in nurturing our health and appreciating our family, in well-balanced nutrition and the power of reflection. And we truly believe that the way you start the morning, determines the mood and direction of your entire day.

Readers, the JJ sisters’ family understands. We understand the efforts that go into raising a family, building a business and working all at once. We understand the time it takes to connect with your loved ones, managing your own life as well as theirs. We understand the time constraints, the pressures and how hard it can be to establish a balanced routine. And today, as you embrace your busy lifestyle, we invite you to start the morning slowly and wholeheartedly, the JJ Sisters way. Because the better your mornings are, the better your days become.

We welcome you into our family-oriented, dedicated team, and we hope that our little morning secrets help you find your mindfulness from the moment you wake up.


1. Our Family’s Health & Nutrition Secrets

We understand the value of family, and more so we understand the importance of keeping your family fed, well-balanced and in good spirits. We would like to share with you our most treasured health traditions, and hope they inspire the same loving sentiment in your family that they have ours.


Oil-Pulling – Ruby’s Tidy Teeth Trick

This is an age-old remedy, and should be done on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Oil-pulling involves swishing oil (usually sesame, sunflower or our favourite, coconut) in your mouth for a few minutes each day. This ancient technique has kept our family’s gums healthy and detoxified, and is known to prevent decay and strengthen the teeth, gums and jaw.


Chai – Mum’s Special Blend

The JJ sisters’ family is united every morning, over a hot cup of our mother’s most precious chai tea. Blending fennel seeds, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, the tea improves digestion, enhances the immune system and its powerful herbs and spices have countless antioxidant properties. Not only does it preserve health and encourage peace of mind, but this special blend warms the soul. And we hope it gives you same warm, wholesome feeling it has given us over the decades.



Lupin – Roshy’s Recipe

Lupin – the multi-functional super grain! One of the highest sources of protein and dietary fibre, we like to incorporate this little health trick into our breakfast. Atop a mix of organic & steel cut oats, absorbing some lightly boiled almond milk, we add ground almonds, chia and flax seeds, maca powder and of course, lupin. And it’s all topped by an array of delicious fresh berries. Prepare for an energy boost – bon appetit!



Improve your family’s health, energy levels and focus by starting off the JJ Sisters way: some gentle morning oil-pulling, a scrumptious bowl of nutritious oats, and a cup of our mum’s special chai blend.

Your body feels everything. Take care of it, and it’ll take care of you.

2. Rise Early ­– Set Out The Daily Plan

This is vital. The morning is a time for uniting the family, eating calmly and leisurely at the table, and going through everyone’s plans for the day, followed by some well-earned introspection. So if you’re rushing around the house scoffing down a muesli bar while trying to put shoes on, it’s time to set the alarm clock a little earlier – an extra half-hour can make all the difference, we promise!

Planning out the day, packing lunches and getting ready to face the day becomes so much easier when you can do it slowly, peacefully and wholeheartedly. It’s a little extra time, for the right frame of mind.


3. The Morning Stretch & The Screen Cleanse

Whether your mornings are filled with family or quiet time, let the screen stay far away from your awakening. Instead of checking your notifications first up, try this: when the alarm clock goes off, sit up in your bed and have a stretch – a deep stretch. Open and close your eyes a few times, open the curtains and embrace some natural light, and let yourself really wake up.

Don’t connect with your screen; connect with yourself & your family. Your health and mindset are far more important than your notifications. We cherish a tranquil mind, and cleansing your headspace of social media and unnecessary screen clutter is absolutely vital for this. Appreciate the moment in front of you, the family togetherness, or take the time to quietly self-reflect. We promise it’ll add peace to your morning.

Remember:  to start the day mindfully, the mind must be clean.


4. Make Your Bed

A wise admiral once said, ‘If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed’. In fact, for a little morning motivation, watch his speech here­­ – let yourself be inspired.

Making your bed ­– sounds simple, doesn’t it? But why is this so important?

Because, as the admiral says, making your bed every morning means you have accomplished the first task of the day, which will encourage you to accomplish another, and another, and another. ‘If, by chance, you have a miserable day,’ he says. ‘You will come home to a bed that is made ­– that you made – and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.’ (Honestly, it’s worth hearing… watch here)



The morning routine is packed with these little tasks: brushing your teeth, packing your lunch, preparing a nutritious breakfast. And one by one, the completion of each task lets you  gain confidence, reassurance and encouragement for the day ahead. A successful morning equals a successful day.

Small achievements can change your whole life – and it starts by making your bed.


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


  • Red Bird Keilor3 years ago

    Fascinating read ladies! No wonder you are always so positive and sparkling! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Gilly S3 years ago

    Wonderful ideas ladies x x But for the moment drinking prosecco in Venice ?

  • sue3 years ago

    Such words of wisdom ladies. Especially the ‘stretch, wake up slowly, and take time to prepare for the day’ idea. 100% agree. Am trying to get B & H to make their beds first thing!!! It’s the best sight after a long day, Sue X

  • Alka Jain3 years ago

    Loved reading your blog JJ sisters. Learnt about oiling which I will put in to practice from now on and also about lupin.
    A great read, keep blogging. Stay well girls:)

  • Kath Press3 years ago

    Thank you. Setting the alarm earlier! ?

  • Peige Eber3 years ago

    Beautiful women and a beautiful blog! Congratulations and thank you. Looking forward to the next post. Peige XX

  • Kelly3 years ago

    The first blog I have ever wanted to read. Absolutely loved it.
    The whole lot resonated with me and the things I believe in.
    Thank you for sharing lovely ladies xxxx