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Life, at times, can be a tough thing to navigate – an adventure, yes, but a complex pattern of ups and downs, lefts and rights, yeses and nos. In the art of getting by, we develop an extraordinary power as humans; we gain the ability to bear the most unexpected circumstances, and still go on. We learn – from our ancestors, experiences and mistakes – and we pass on this wisdom to the next generation, in the hopes that we can contribute to a smarter, kinder and more generous world.

 ‘Never leave a sink full of dishes before you go to bed’ – Ruby (Some tips on how to enjoy cleaning)

‘Keep your elbows (and paws) off the table.’

How to be an explorer of the world.

‘It’s socially acceptable to be awkward’ – Emily

‘Don’t assume elderly people are okay. Ask them if you can help with bins or carrying the shopping’ – Ruby.

‘Success is happiness. If you find joy in at least one piece of each day, no matter what it is, then you’ve found success’ – Erica

‘Always carry a book in your bag. Trains will be delayed, post office queues will be long; you’ll be able to rattle through a book a week if you fill dead time with reading rather than scrolling through Instagram’ Dolly

‘The only time to set the bar low is for limbo’ – Sabrina

Floss your teeth. It makes all the difference’ – Ruby

Love is an everyday effort.

‘Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched‘ – Mindy Kaling

 ‘Invest in a good, easy-to-empty bin for your kitchen. A bad bin makes life difficult at least three times a week. And life is too short to be muttering and spluttering to yourself in anger three times a week’ – Dolly

Fundamental life lessons. Also this.

‘Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye’ – Helen Keller (How to improve your posture)

On wholesomeness instead of happiness.

Remember this.

A great trick if you worry too much.

‘Treasure books. Treat them with so much love and care. Never ever step on them’ – Ruby

‘Stop worrying about what tomorrow may or may not bring. Savour the NOW’ – Roshy

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

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