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Many people believe that small batch designers are a thinning
profession, confined to expensive boutiques.

We say not.

Nowadays, mass produced, off the shelf fashion does not offer the range
of style, detail and contouring a label like ours does.

The loss of formality in every day life has allowed us to create pieces
that can easily be worn all day and into the night.

While JJ Sisters began in Australia, high costs forced us to make the
difficult decision to move our production to India, China and Thailand.
We know all our employees on a first name basis and visit our factories
regularly to ensure they are free from exploitation. All our designs are
created in-house.

We are very passionate about small business. As one ourselves, we want
to support and build strong partnerships with businesses like yours. We
know the hard work that goes into every corner of a business…the time,
love, care and tears that it can take to grow an idea into something you
can give to a customer.

When we started our business 14 years ago, originally selling just
costume jewellery, we realized slow progress was still progress. We
started with small goals and built them into big ones, no matter how
hard it might have seemed.

Over the years we have grown with our loyal friends and customers.

When we pack your box, it’s done by the two of us and sent out with a
kiss ?.

Welcome to the JJ Sisters family ?